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Beginning Fencing Class:

This course is specifically designed for both youth (preferred age +12) and adult fencers, allowing them optimal development of fundamental fencing skills for either foil or epee with minimal frustration. There will be an emphasis on drills and controlled bouting as an instructional method to reinforce the learning of new skills.   Students will receive their own washable fencing glove on the first day of class. All protective gear will be loaned to the student for the duration of the first 8 class sessions. Once a student progresses beyond the beginning level, (about 8 sessions,) they are expected to purchase their own equipment. Students will be required to purchase a glove the first night of class. All other equipment will be provided. 


One class per week - $60/month


Intermediate Competitive Epee Fencing

The intermediate instruction is based on coach’s assessment to the individual fencer’s needs.  It introduces and develops hand techniques, drills, more advanced footwork and mobility, and bout techniques. In addition, this class will introduce the student to competition utilizing instruction in bout building, bout strategy, and competition preparation. No equipment is provided.  Fencers are expected have purchased their own equipment.  If they must use club equipment there will be a rental fee of $15 per month.


Different classes may be established by skill level as well as age level when warranted by number of participants.


Open fencing after class in encouraged.


One class per week - $60/month


Private Lessons:

Customized by the coaches for the student’s specific needs and goals, these sessions can be very intense, both physically as well as mentally. Students are expected to have warmed up and stretched prior to the lesson. Lessons will be progressive and focused on developing specific techniques for students who take private lessons regularly. Private lessons are 20 minutes in length.  Students must be dressed and warmed up 5 minutes prior to the lesson time.  Private Lessons are available by arrangement with the coach.



$60/month entitles you to claim club membership and open fencing


Open Fencing (see schedule for times)

Available for $10 per session for non-members.  If more than 3 times a month are desired it is recommended that the fencer purchase a monthly RFM facility membership for $25.


Discounts for multiple fencers in same family

20% discount for the second fencer; 10% discount for the 3rd, 4th, etc. fencers


Contact Us To Request More Information: info@manassasfencing.org


Recreational Fencing in Manassas

Services Overview

Enjoy a Night at our Club

Enjoy a physically and mentally challenging night at our club with a sport that is often called mental chess, where you are the target.

Manassas Fencing

Monday 6:30 pm-7:30.


Open Fencing
Monday 7:30-9:30 pm


What our club provides including:

  • Current Electronic Scoring Machines
  • Loaner Weapons and Protective Gear
  • WeaponsTraining
  • Open Fencing​